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The Locklegion is back everyone! also poop

Amazing, as always. The humor, the sound editing and pretty much everything about this is well done, especially the pacing.

Great job, once more!

I have serious problems with this animation

Hey there, I just wanted to let you know how you can fix your animation and make it enjoyable to watch for a broader audience.

Firstly, the background didn't really suit the animation very well. The animation was somewhat sketchy, where as the background was very clean and you used gradients on that. This can look good, but in this movie it sadly didn't. It distracted from the actual character movement.

The character movement itself wasn't half bad. And by that I mean at least you didn't tween everything, you actually used frame by frame - which i like - but it all looked very stiff and unnatural. Especially the first movement.

The story itself, I don't know, I've never had that problem so perhaps i just can't really get into the story of the flash. The jokes weren't really funny though.

The style was pretty much a cross over between Eddsworld and Egoraptor, taking both negative sides from both of their styles. Along with the voice acting, which was really wannabe-egoraptor-esque. Can't really say I liked it.

Hope you'll do better on your next one.

servandovill responds:

this isnt a egoraptor or eddsword style , i took adventures time references , maybe u have no kind of issues from this kind , but u may imagine it cause almost everyone in the word had this issue, this isnt a story its a flash , a commedy theres not such of a big story here. u are expecting alot from me since this is my second submmition? i like gradients which i do , and if i dont want to put it in my characters , then its my problem , i think it blend it good , but anyways is ur comment, unnatural should be that u had never been in love, of some kind of this story. but i appreciate the comment thanks.

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Sometimes I really hate newgrounds

Score of 3.82? Before I reloaded the page it was at 3.87 so apparently it's dropping, what's going on with people not enjoying fucking amazing games these days?

Amazing work to all of you three, you did a great job in producing the probably most entertaining flash side-scroller I've ever played.

Joelasticot responds:

Relax my little dingleberry, it's only got 250 votes, the score is still unstable! And thanks for the review BUDDY


awesome work, once again. I'm very close to be 3rd place!!

very nice

Great game

total distance: 19,806,186.8
best: 2,881,621.1

I don't know how to get that button medal but still very nice game.

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In.. Incredible..

Wow.. just wow... well done man.

The instruments were played nice

^But that's about it. You can't really sing there isn't a lot of emotion in your voice. It varies a lot which is very distracting. I gave you 5/10 because singing is 60% and the instruments are 40%. You got a star for singing, because you at least tried and all 4 stars for the instruments. They were really nice. Somewhat different to the original, but in a nice way.


sat iz a asum trak!

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I am sorry. I was a huge cunt to you. I had problems and I was angry. You were completely right. Sorry that this apology comes so late.


who the fuck gives a shit whether this is traced or not, fucking great either way.

kinda nice

it looks very "dirty" and it doesn't have anything special to it, for me. Also, pico's thumb is on the wrong side of his hand.

TheShadling responds:

X) ? No its not look at youre hands

I am currently living in Sonderborg, Denmark. If you want to meet up go send me a PM or something i'm lonely jk

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