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I made a DJ BJ music video

2012-04-13 16:28:42 by Psi43

I made a music video (in flash) to DJ BJ's "Jungle Job (SUCK MY DICK)". They asked me to make one and I said "sure why not". They wanted it to be crappy but somewhat viral, so that's what I was going for. (for some reason NG says "URL NOT FOUND" so i can't embed it)
720p version on youtube. Kinda lags a little due to my computer being shit (when converting). flash version on newgrounds (I would appreciate it if you'd vote 5, if you don't, i wouldn't mind though!)

Here's a link to the song I was using:
And a link to DJ BJ's Facebook Page:

I made a DJ BJ music video


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2012-04-13 16:40:24

yaaaay this is so great we love you psi make love to us yaaaaaay


2012-04-13 17:30:26

Is Psi43 G@Y?

Psi43 responds:

Very unlikely! Sorry to disappoint you there, son!


2012-04-14 15:04:02

That was actually pretty good.

Psi43 responds:

Thank yee


2012-04-14 15:20:45

yaaay this is so great PSI YOU'RE A FUCKING FAGGOT

Psi43 responds:

: - (


2012-04-27 15:31:18

lol nugahet